How the Wave Disk Generator Works

Author's Note

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to an engine or generator that's trying to take the place of the internal combustion engine, and most aren't happy about it. It can't be overstated how much the ICE has revolutionized our world, but the idea of something much more efficient taking its place is, honestly, exciting. Needless to say, I'm cheering for the wave disk. And not just so I can tell my friends that I wrote about it long before we were all driving it (although I won't pass that opportunity up if I ever get the chance). But what I love about researching articles like this is the chance to discover a new technology that has so much potential. When we all have flying cars (because we WILL have flying cars), I hope wave disks (or something even better) are powering them. Not only would we be saving a ton of money on gas, but I'd get to say things like, "Back in my day, we had to add oil and coolant, shift the transmission and worry about the dang engine overheating!" to my kids. That would be worth it right there, wouldn't it?

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