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Volvo’s P1800 was just what you would expect from a sports car made by Volvo -- not exactly the fastest or most stylish car on the road. See more pictures of sports cars.

Volvo has been known for a lot of things since its founding in 1927 -- durability, dependability, and quality among them -- but sports cars do not spring to mind. All the same, this article covers Volvo’s entries into the sports car arena -- unlikely though they may be.

Arriving in 1961, the Volvo P1800 came as quite a surprise. That Volvo would even attempt a sports car seemed unnatural to many. For its part, the P1800 wasn’t much of a sports car: performance was much more daring than anything Volvo had done before, but it was nothing spectacular, and the already-dated styling didn’t much help. By the end of its run (going through two other designators, 1800S and 1800E, along the way), the P1800 was a solid, dependable cruiser -- about par for the course for Volvo.

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A decade later, Volvo updated the P1800’s body, such that the Volvo 1800ES was a sporty station wagon. Yes, you read that right. Built on the same general principles of the P1800, the 1800ES was converted into a relatively stylish wagon before ancient styling and increasingly-restrictive emissions laws forced it into retirement.

In the following pages, you can find out more about Volvo’s brief foray into the world of sports vehicles, with car profiles and pictures.

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