How the Volvo Your Concept Car Works

Convenient Technology
The Volvo YCC
The Volvo YCC
Photo courtesy Volvo Cars' Newsroom

Cars will soon have embedded technology to make them easier to operate. The YCC features several of these advanced technologies, which enable the car to adjust to your body type, assist with parallel parking, and open your car by sensing your presence near it. Let's take a look at these new technologies.


When you buy a YCC, your body is scanned at the dealership. Your proportions (height, leg length, and arm length) are used to define a customized driving position. This information is stored in your digital key. When you insert the key on the center console, the seat, steering wheel, pedals, driver's seat, head restraint and seat belt adjust automatically to give you the line-of-sight best suited for you. You can alter the custom settings, using the car's computer system and then save the new settings on your key.

The accelerator is equipped with an adjustable heel support.
Photo courtesy Volvo Cars' Newsroom


Parallel parking assistance is a two-stage system. Press the parking assistance button to determine if there's enough room between two cars. Sensors measure the space. If there is enough space, press the Autopark button again. The car then helps you maneuver into the parking space, but you control the accelerator, brakes, and gear shifter. Toyota unveiled a similar technology in its 2003 Prius. Check out How Self-parking Cars Work to learn more about the technology.

Inside the YCC
Photo courtesy Volvo Cars' Newsroom


If you have a lot of bags to carry to the car, press the Auto-Open button on your key ring prior to picking up the bags. As you stand by either rear wheel, the closest side door automatically opens. If you stand directly behind the car, the trunk opens.

Now let's meet the women responsible for designing the YCC.