How the Venturi Fetish Works

What makes the Venturi Fetish unique?

So what makes the Venturi Fetish unique? First of all, it's a fully electric sports car -- a type of car that, to date, really hasn't been much explored by auto manufacturers. The exception to this statement is the Tesla Roadster, which was unveiled by its designers in 2006. The Tesla Roadster has an advantage over the Fetish (or is that 300,000 advantages?) with a price tag of slightly more than $100,000. That's still pretty expensive compared to most cars currently on the market, but with the Fetish boasting a price tag at least four times as large, the Tesla Roadster almost seems like a bargain.

Second, though most people think of electric cars as having inferior performance to cars with internal combustion engines, the Fetish performance specs are impressive. Perhaps the only area where it falls short is its maximum speed of 110 mph (177 kilometers per hour). On a straightaway the Fetish would lag far behind other high performance sports cars, but its 280 foot-pounds (379.6 newton-meters) of torque will make it competitive in short sprints.

Third, the Fetish recharges quickly. While some electric cars can take all night to charge using ordinary house current, the Fetish comes with a quick charge option that lets it recharge at a rate of one minute for every mile of driving. If the batteries are completely discharged, it will take approximately three hours to completely recharge them to bring the car back to its full driving range of 180 miles (289.7 kilometers).

Fourth, the Fetish is custom-designed for each buyer. If you choose to fly to Monaco when you order your Fetish, Venturi will tailor the interior to your needs. Then, you simply wait four months for your custom fit car to be built.

Fifth, Venturi's Fetish has WiMax connectivity. This means that your vehicle's charge status can be monitored remotely. For instance, even if you're at your office, you can use your computer to tell you when the Fetish is fully charged and ready to go. This connectivity is made possible through a partnership between Venturi and California-based computer chip maker Intel.

Sixth, the Venturi Fetish just looks cool. Designer Sacha Lakic has given the Fetish a colorful exterior and the sleek, aerodynamic lines of a race car. If you can afford one of these, your friends will be impressed long before they learn what the price tag was.

Up next, let's take a look under the hood of the Fetish to see what makes it move.