How to Pack Wheel Bearings

One of the most important things you can do to make sure that you get to your destination is to check that the wheel bearings on your car or trailer are packed with grease. This will ensure that you have a smooth drive on safe tires, and that get you to where you're going. So read the steps listed below and learn about how you can pack your wheel bearings.



Here's what to do:

  1. Check that your bearings are properly greased by removing the tire and caliper from the tire hub.
  2. Pop off the bearing grease cup from the hub, with a screwdriver. This should be done gently so as not to damage the cup. You will replace the cup when you're done [source: Juran].
  3. Remove the brake disc. Once the cup has been removed, the brake disc should come off easily.
  4. Remove the cotter pin, retaining ring and spindle nut to get to the wheel bearing. You may need to use pliers to get the pin out.
  5. Remove the bearing from the hub.
  6. Clean all the old grease off of the bearing, using solvent.
  7. Inspect the bearing for any marks, damaged rollers or flat spots.
  8. Put a generous amount of wheel bearing grease on your hand. Pack the bearing by coating all the rollers with grease. Turn the roller in the bearing to make sure that all surfaces are adequately greased.
  9. Return the bearing to the wheel. Reassemble the cotter pin, retaining ring and spindle nut.
  10. Fill the bearing grease cup with fresh grease and tap it back onto the hub.
  11. Wipe off all the excess grease that has oozed out onto the outer surface of the hub [source: Bumbeck].