6 DIY Automotive Repairs Anyone Can Do

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Skill Level: 7

Cost: $30 and up

This project often goes by another name at the mechanics shop, Transmission flush. A flush is a new method of taking clean fluid and flushing it through the automatic transmission, thereby effectively pushing out all the old contaminated oil from the system. However, many mechanics say that this is not always a good thing and can lead to transmission problems. The old way to replace transmission fluid is effective, fairly straight forward, and a heck of a lot less expensive. You'll need to get your vehicle in the air using a jack and a couple of jack stands, then climb under the vehicle and remove the pan bolts to the transmission. Use a large plastic container with a lid to dump the old fluid in, so you can easily transport it to your local oil recycling facility. Don't forget to replace the transmission fluid filter while you are inside the transmission and clean the inside of the transmission pan. It is also important not to over tighten the bolts when reinstalling the pan or it will cause leaks.

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