6 DIY Automotive Repairs Anyone Can Do


Windshield Repair

Skill Level: 1

Cost: $5

Not that I want to put all those windshield replacement or repair shops out of business, but repairing a windshield with a do-it-yourself home kit can be a very easy and effective process. It is important to note that star chips with minimal to no cracks is the best candidate for this repair. To accomplish this project, all you need is a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit from an auto parts store or equivalent. Clean a 12 inch square area around the damage with a glass cleaner, then take a razor blade and smooth out the surface of all defects, making sure to pick out any loose pieces of glass found inside the chip. Most kits will have a plunger apparatus to inject the adhesive into the windshield, then all you have to do is allow the tool to do the rest of the work. One bit of advice is not to perform this project in the hot sun, as the adhesive will try too quickly to leave a clear finish.