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Author's Note: How MirrorLink Works

One of the biggest challenges for a car reviewer these days is to differentiate all the vehicles we drive in a year. They're all pretty great anymore, and they're built to last more than cars ever were before. The scale pretty much goes from "good" to "great."

In-car electronics, though, are easy to compare, and they make a huge difference to consumers and journalists. The tricky part is knowing who the target audience for a car might be. Putting something like MirrorLink in a car your grandparents are going to buy will terrify them. Putting it in a car I might want to buy is a terrific idea. I love LCD screens. The more my car interior looks like the USS Enterprise, the happier I am.

There are in-dash displays that grow leaves, and LCD screens in the center console as big as the TV my family had when I was a tiny tot. The danger is in the distraction, but once we get those self-piloting cars online, we'll be golden. Welcome to the 21st century. It is awesome.

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