10 Features We Want to See in Self-driving Cars

A Low, Low Price
Google's self-driving car Don DeBold, Used under CC BY 2.0 license

New technology costs big bucks. We know that. And yet the price tag for the rooftop rig that Google is using to test its self-driving cars costs something like $75,000 — in addition to the price of the car it sits on top of. That's a lot of money for a lot of ugly. Of course, there are only a few of these camera- and sensor-laden rigs in the entire world, and they're still in the beta stage and will be for quite some time (like everything that Google releases, am I right?). On-board driving assist technologies, like smart cruise control and 360-degree cameras, are becoming more widely available and cheaper, so these will likely lead the way toward driverless cars in the near future.