10 Cars to Watch in 2014

Porsche 918 Spyder
The 2014 (?) Porsche 918 Spyder (Courtesy of Kristen Hall-Geisler)

Trainspotters. Bird watchers. Every hobby seems to have its weirdos who keep lists of rarities in their heads. Those aficionados who have seen almost everything already -- and would do anything to see what they haven't yet. For you, automotive friends and weirdos, there is the probably-going-to-be-produced-this-year-but-don't-hold-us-to-it Porsche 918 Spyder. This hybrid will blow the doors off every hybrid currently on the road. That's because its electric motor and internal combustion engine combine to create 885-horsepower. When it does become available, only a few will be built, and they'll cost a whopping $845,000 -- that's nearly a thousand bucks per horsepower. But what a beautiful rare bird.

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