10 Cars to Watch in 2014

Corvette Stingray
The 2014 Corvette Stingray (Courtesy of Kristen Hall-Geisler)

The Corvette hasn't ever gone out of production, so it can't be dredged up from the past, like some nostalgic muscle or sports cars we could easily name. The Corvette can only be reinvented, like Madonna or Lady Gaga. But like Gaga's sonic references to Madonna, the resurrected 2014 Corvette Stingray pays homage to its predecessor without being retro. The new Stingray is not only the most powerful Corvette -- with 455-horsepower in its V-8 engine -- but it's also got the best gas mileage of any sports car on the market, according to Chevrolet, reaching an EPA-estimated 29 miles per gallon (12.3 kilometers per liter) on the highway. And inside, it's loaded with the good stuff: carbon fiber, leather and even a pair of 8-inch display screens.

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