10 Signs Your Classic Car is a Goner


Discontinued Parts

As with any hobby, tracking down parts and information is a huge draw for many classic car enthusiasts. Now, with the Internet establishing helpful communities of hobbyists, and connecting parts seekers with helpful dealers and sellers, this part of the project is easier than ever, both when starting your repairs and seeing them through to completion.

But the hard truth is that nothing lasts forever, and sometimes a mint-condition replacement part is simply not a possibility. It's important to know and understand the market value of your finished product, as well as the parts you've discovered you need, to make sure you're not chasing your dream down a rabbit hole.

When you love something, every tiny step along the way seems like a victory. It's important to look at the bigger picture, especially when trying to track down and purchase a particularly difficult-to-find piece of machinery. The excitement of the chase can add up faster than you may realize. Create a realistic budget, check out the stories of your fellow enthusiasts and stay realistic as you build your machine.