10 Reasons a Car Might Have a Salvage Title


The vehicle is a kit car.

Have you ever walked up to admire a seemingly rare, classic or exotic car, and suddenly noticed that the details didn't look quite right? It's very possible you were looking at a kit car.

Car enthusiasts with strong mechanical skills have been building replicas of rare and classic cars for years, and an industry of component manufacturers supplies all the parts they need to build their own Porsche Speedsters, Shelby Cobras and roadworthy versions of classic Le Mans racers. Kit car builders often pick and choose components for their cars, customizing them to their unique tastes.

Titling kit cars, however, can present some unique challenges. Like salvage-title cars, component-built cars often must pass state inspections to receive roadworthy titles and registration. And while a salvaged car may be inspected for safety, a kit car is often also inspected to ensure none of the parts on it were stolen [source: Ohio Department of Public Safety].

If you're planning on buying a kit car, a responsible seller will have already taken care of the inspection and had the vehicle properly registered. If the car has no title -- or worse, has a salvage title -- suspect that there may be something amiss, and start asking questions.