10 Surprising Junkyard Finds


1937 Bugatti 57S

If someone has ever pleaded with you to "do something with that old piece of junk in the garage," this find may motivate you to get cracking. While a barn isn't a junkyard, it's often the last resting place where classic cars go to die a slow and neglected death, much like in a salvage yard. Fortunately, one junked beauty made it out alive and fetched a cool $4.4 million at auction. There were only 17 1937 Bugatti 57S cars made, and one of them sat, undriven, in a doctor's garage in England for 50 years. After the owner's death in 2007, the Bugatti went up for auction. Resurrecting the auto was estimated to cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to the seven-figure purchase price [source: Kurczewski].