10 Surprising Junkyard Finds


Police Cars

Seeing the grill and flashing lights of a police car from a rear-view mirror is quite a different experience than seeing one in a salvage yard. Retired high-mileage and damaged cop cars often face the public auction blocks in cities around the United States, but many also end up in junkyards. What's surprising about many of these out-of-commission vehicles is that they're in relatively good shape. You might find a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, the "Crown Vic," or other undercover blue or traditional black-and-white sedan with less than 100,000 miles on them.

Some police cars have had their fair share of high-speed use, but it's likely they have just passed their peak or were replaced with newer or more efficient models. Vintage police cars are a lot less common, but with a Ford Taurus Police Interceptor set to replace the "Crown Vic" after 2011, this salvaged police model may itself become a rare find in the coming decades [source: McCausland].