10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories


Styling Hair Accessories

It's nice to feel the wind in your hair until that hair blocks your view.
It's nice to feel the wind in your hair until that hair blocks your view.
©iStockphoto.com/Franck Caillet

Helmet hair has long been an issue for female bikers, causing many to hide their unruly mop under a baseball cap at the end of the day. While a cap is a good option, if you'd rather let your hair down, there are accessories that will help you keep your style intact.

The Diva-Do is a helmet liner that keeps your hairstyle fresh. The liner doesn't use hair bands that could crimp your hair. Instead, an elastic band on one end creates a pocket in the stretchy material for your hair, which is then held in place by two tie straps. Made of polyester material, the Diva-Do wicks away moisture to keep you cool.

The Dannaband also prevents tangled hair. Unlike a traditional bandanna, the Dannaband doesn't have a knot that could catch your hair. The design features elastic in the back to ensure a tight fit without adjusting.

The Buff is a super hair accessory and more. The all-in-one product can change functions quickly. Use it as a headband, a scrunchy, a face mask, a neck warmer or even a tube top.

If you're looking for something simpler, Softbandz might be the answer. The versatile product can be worn as a wide, fully opened headband or folded for a more traditional, narrower look. It doubles as a ponytail holder or even a fashion accessory around the rim of a hat or your neck.