10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories


Functional Fashion

You'll want motorcycle-clothing accessories that are both fashionable and functional. A microfiber cloth, like a Hogswipe, can help you achieve that look by wiping the dirt from the road off your bike, your glasses, your brow or anything else that needs a wipe. The soft, thick-ply Hogswipe clips to your bag or belt loop. It comes in a variety of bright colors and prints, making it the perfect accessory for your motorcycle wear.

And there's nothing worse than cold air blowing your pants legs up when you ride. To solve that problem, you might want to hunt down some elastic bands that clip to your pant cuffs and slip under the arch of your boot heels. StoneyStraps are one option. They're fully adjustable, making them perfect for women riders who may wear higher heels. The chrome clips come in a variety of designs to give you the look you're after.