10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories


Tank Bag Purse

You'll want to travel light when you head out on the road, but you'll still need a way to carry your stuff, so we've compiled a few options, none of which is a bulky purse.

Why not use a tank bag to store your keys, cell phone, garage-door opener, sunscreen and other personal items? The soft leather bag won't scratch your metal motorcycle gas tank and is held securely in place by magnets. When you reach your destination, fold up the magnetic wings and pull the strap from the side pocket of the bag. Instant purse!

You can also try a hip bag to transport your essentials. The bag, which attaches to your belt loops by two snap hooks, can be worn as an on- or off-bike accessory. A detachable purse strap changes the look.

For a short ride, a simple cell phone holder might be all you need. The accessory ties around your waist with a leather strap and holds your phone in place with a firm snap. The oh-so-chic design goes with just about anything.