10 Women's Motorcycle Clothing Accessories


Contoured Glasses and Goggles

Some people can make any look work.
Some people can make any look work.
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When you're riding a motorcycle, a bug in your eye can hurt. A rock in your eye could result in eye loss or even worse if it causes you to crash. Whatever the object is, protective eyewear is critical.

You should find many options in eye protection, from impact- resistant safety glass to shatterproof plastic lenses. You'll probably end up with a face shield, which provides the most protection; goggles, which can be worn over sunglasses; or safety riding glasses, which use foam around the eyepieces to reduce wind. 

Light conditions change regularly when you ride, so it's best if your eyewear can adapt. Some glasses and goggles come with changeable lenses that you can easily snap in and out as the light conditions vary. UV ray protection and fog-resistant coatings are options many riders prefer.

Although finding riding glasses that block the wind, protect your eyes and fit properly can sometimes be a challenge, women no longer have to sacrifice style to get the right pair. The glasses and goggles come in a variety of fashionable and functional styles and colors, so you most certainly can find a pair or two to fit the rest of your riding ensemble. Wraparound styles are specifically designed to protect smaller faces. The glasses offer large frames and are curved around the eyes to block the wind. Contouring also helps to optimize the rider's peripheral vision.