10 Warm-weather Motorcycle Accessories


Ventilated Pants

Warm-weather pants follow the same construction as warm-weather jackets: They are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics with perforations or vent panels to increase airflow. They include reinforced padding on the knees and hips to soften the force of impact from collisions. In addition to protective CE armor, which meets European safety standards, some companies incorporate Kevlar -- a strong, lightweight fiber that's also used in cold-weather motorcycle apparel -- on impact points.

When selecting a color for your pants or jacket, don't assume that lighter colors offer a cooler riding experience. ''The reality is that when you're stopped at a streetlight, there might be a slight advantage. But black is no hotter than silver or gray when you're going 65 miles per hour,'' says Jordan Pryce Levitt of motorcycle apparel company REV'IT! Sport USA.