10 Warm-weather Motorcycle Accessories


Neck Cooler

Ice water and a bandanna can make a world of difference.
Ice water and a bandanna can make a world of difference.

Covering your neck is a must while riding a motorcycle. Start by slathering on the sunscreen . Exposed skin absorbs heat from the sun and is at risk of sunburn, windburn and, potentially, skin cancer. You can help prevent hyperthermia by covering and cooling the carotid arteries on either side of your neck, which deliver blood to the brain.

Many companies sell scarves made from special fabrics that they claim won't go dry for days on end, but you can regulate your body temperature on a shorter trip by soaking a simple cloth bandanna. Carry a water-filled spray bottle or stop at a rest area to resoak the garment when it dries out.

You're ready to ride! Don't be surprised if people start asking you for advice about motorcycles. You'll be a fount of knowledge when you bone up on bikes below.

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10 Cold-weather Motorcycle Accessories

10 Cold-weather Motorcycle Accessories

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