10 Cold-weather Motorcycle Accessories


Add a Jacket and Pant Liner

Sitting right underneath your jacket and pant shell should be a solid liner that will keep you on the road longer. This liner is going to be key in keeping the wind off your body and also trapping any heat from your body.

Look for liners that are made from fleece or some other thermal material. For your upper body, a nice fleece vest is a great choice. The more layers you have on your torso, the better. When it comes to pants, you have a lot of options, which include trousers that have a fleece or flannel lining. That fleece or flannel lining will mean that as little wind as possible is making its way into your clothes and ruining your ride.

If you find yourself on the road and are still getting a bit of wind on your chest, you can try an old secret that has been around for many years in both the motorcycling and bicycling worlds: newspaper. Stuffing a bit of newspaper in your shirt is a great, cheap and easy fix to too much wind as you ride. It's hardly a long-term solution, but it will work in a pinch if you're cold [sources: Motorcycle Cruiser, Sound Rider].