10 Cold-weather Motorcycle Accessories

Take Food
When we say you should stop to eat, the operative word is "stop."
When we say you should stop to eat, the operative word is "stop."
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When thinking about items that will keep you warm on your ride, you probably nailed the need for warm clothes, gloves and a nice snug helmet. But you might have missed the best source of heat out there: your own body. Your body produces a great amount of heat, and while it's important to have the right clothes to trap that heat, you also need to make sure you're fueling that heat source with food. As important as gas stops are for your bike, so are food breaks for your body. When you're riding, make sure to eat a great breakfast, a hearty lunch and plenty of snacks along the way.

When you eat, your body has to process all that food. As it does so, your body will produce more heat than if you're riding on an empty stomach. In the battle to stay warm, you'll need to use all the energy you can muster to stay warm, and food is a great way to keep that heat burning.

Make sure to eat hearty, but healthy, by getting a good dose of protein and some carbs that will ensure not only that your body works hard to process your meals, but also that the food is doing your body some good in the long run. So stay away from the sweets and fuel up to ride long and warm throughout the day.

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