Top 10 Reasons Your Car Is Vibrating


Bent or Damaged Wheels

pothole car vibrating
Potholes and sloppy road repairs can wreak havoc on your wheels. Fascinadora/ThinkStock

If an unbalanced wheel can cause vibrations in your car, any damage to your wheels certainly can, too — and it might be more common than you think. Watch out for potholes and sloppy road repairs, which can both be equally hazardous to your wheels. Even a little bump that you immediately forget can be enough to throw your wheels out of round.

Another thing to look for is "runout." This is the term that describes how much a wheel deviates from a perfectly circular rotation when it is spun. Wheel technicians use precision instruments to determine if runout on any particular wheel exceeds half an inch. Much of the time — but not all the time — the solution is a new wheel.

Wheels prove to be a common culprit when you are looking for reasons for why a car is vibrating. But we can narrow it down even more. For our top reasons your car is vibrating, go to the next page.