10 Most Terrifying Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

Ford Fire Escape
Brand new Ford Escape SUVs are displayed on the sales lot at Journey Ford on June 4, 2013, in Novato, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Not all of the scariest defects happened in the bad old days. The 2013 Ford Escape had fuel lines that were cracking and spilling gasoline onto the engine, which, as you may know, is really, really hot. As you may also know (because you're not a brick or a leaf or some other brainless thing), hot gasoline combusts. That means engine fires. Luckily, the recall system is firmly in place in the modern era, and manufacturers like Ford Motor Company are realizing the value of getting on top of this stuff before it becomes a big deal. Only about 11,500 Escapes needed to be recalled, and no one was hurt.