10 Most Terrifying Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

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Modern Cars Are Kind of Boring. Why Is That?

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Author's Note: 10 Most Terrifying Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

When tasked with finding 10 terrifying car defects, I learned that there is something like 500 recalls every year in recent years. Most of them are really, really, really not terrifying at all. They're almost all little fixes; cheap and easy things. Manufacturers have finally learned (though not GM, apparently) that it's a lot easier to bring people and their cars into the dealership for a wee repair-and-replace maneuver than it is to wait for things to go horribly wrong on the highway. Some of the biggest recalls in history were also decidedly unscary, like Honda's recall of seatbelt buckles, for instance. Little pieces would break off and fall inside the slot, and then the buckle would get stuck. That seems inconvenient and, maybe at worst, frustrating. Not terrifying. Hardly the stuff of horror movies.

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