Top 10 Ways to Lower and Lift Your Car or Truck


Body Lift

Raising a vehicle with a body lift prevents some of the balance issues you might have with a torsion lift, so it's often preferred by those who like symmetry and spacing between the body and the wheels. Raising the body of a truck or car is easy with blocks made of rubber or polyurethane -- they build height and create lift, creating space between the frame and body. The suspension system remains in the same spot, while the body itself is lifted above the frame and the blocks are used to keep it in place. Whole body movement is seamless and improves off-road performance if done well.

Adding spring spacers with blocks also is an option. If cost is a consideration, body lifts are more affordable than higher-performance, suspension lift options, and can start at around $100, but upgrades to the lift, such as bumpers and tires can increase costs to $1,000 or more.