Top 10 Ways to Lower and Lift Your Car or Truck


Custom Low

Though there are guidelines for how low you can go depending on your vehicle type, pushing a machine to its limits in the most ingenious ways possible is some car owners' goal. Endless combinations of kits and custom systems for lowering make for hours of reading on Internet car forums and in print magazines. Some car owners start with a kit and a vision and end with a completely unique solution.

Custom car shops become famous for how they lower their own and their customers' cars and trucks, and weekend mechanics have cars featured in international lowrider competitions because of their ingenuity at combining, innovating and customizing, sometimes with ground-grazing sparks. From Japan to Serbia to Los Angeles, and from classic cars to mainstream minivans, lowering options for a driver's tastes and comforts abound.

Lifting is similar in principle to lowering in that there are custom and kit options, but it carries some different considerations in terms of handling and methods. Lowered cars tend to get tighter, while lifted cars may be looser. Our next five points look at lifting options.