Top 10 Ways to Lower and Lift Your Car or Truck


Air Suspension

When an inflatable flotation ring loses its air, it's pliable and more easily dragged through the water. But with air, it's buoyant and floats on top of the water bumping with the motion of the waves.

An air ride suspension lets a car float in a similar way. By releasing or filling the air pressure in the suspension system, the buoyancy creates a gentle lift and drop with the turns in the road. Heavy, flexible bags or canisters hold and release the air in place of springs, lowering and lifting the vehicle to adjust to changing road conditions or performance needs. Many lowriders use air suspension bags for slow or dramatic drops and rises, and these setups can cost thousands of dollars. Air systems are more affordable than hydraulics systems, but still cost in the $500 to $1,500 range, not including installation.