10 Amazing Car Security Systems

Viper 1002

If the Commando piqued your interest, Viper's 1002 security system is definitely worth looking into. The package comes with two, four-button remotes that operate over radio frequencies up to a distance of about 1,320 feet (402 meters) -- a shorter range than the Commando. The Stinger impact sensor detects pressure applied to the vehicle and can respond to lighter occurrences with an alarm chirp rather than a full-on blast of sound from the six-tone siren system. For instance, anyone who happens to lean against your car on the street will be treated to a light warning instead of a blaring alarm that disturbs the entire neighborhood. The Failsafe Starter Kill, which you would activate after parking and getting out of the car, is designed to keep the engine on lockdown. Once enabled, it won't start, even with a key.

The convenience options like remote engine start and keyless entry or trunk opening are here, too [source: Viper]. While Viper set an MSRP of $299.99, the Viper 1002 security system retails for considerably less at a number of stores: Amazon.com sells it for $112.

Now that we've gotten a nice look at multi-function security systems, let's take a look at a more focused device with a singular purpose: keeping that engine cold, no matter how hard car thieves try to go for a joyride.

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