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In-Dash GPS Navigation
In-dash GPS systems offer large screens for viewing map data.
In-dash GPS systems offer large screens for viewing map data.

GPS, or global positioning system, helps guide you to your destination by pinpointing your location and referencing street data. Many smart phones today offer built-in GPS functionality, and you can easily purchase a dedicated GPS unit for your car. But to truly tie the advantages of GPS into your audio system, there's in-dash GPS.

In-dash GPS systems are essentially head units with GPS functionality. They offer large screens for viewing map data and they usually include the same features you'll typically find in a nice receiver, like Bluetooth and USB support.

Naturally, a GPS head unit tied directly into your car audio system will be able to pipe directions straight through your speakers. Today's more expensive cars will offer an in-dash GPS system as an optional extra, but you can always buy an aftermarket unit, too. Just like the head units we covered on the last page, in-dash GPS systems are readily available from a variety of manufacturers. Just keep in mind that they won't be cheap -- expect to pay several hundred dollars for a high-end GPS receiver.

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