10 Car Accessories That Could Be Dangerous

Dash-mounted TV Screens

A 2009 Nielsen report found that the average American watches 151 hours of television per month [source: Gandossy]. You can do the math: That's about 5 hours of TV every day. And today more than ever, Americans are even unwilling to unplug in the car.

It takes only a quick online search to find a plethora of DIY, how-to articles teaching drivers to install TV screens either in holes in the dashboard commonly occupied by radios or as stand-alone monitors that sit atop the dashboard.

Unfortunately, these screens are not only for backseat child viewing and for passenger entertainment anymore.

States like Virginia and Illinois expressly prohibit the installation of television viewing systems in the front areas of cars, and more states are following suit. But do you really need a law to tell you this is a bad idea? Unplug from the tube for the time it takes you to get from point A to point B, and you and your fellow drivers will be much safer.