Turbo Spike: A Chopper Profile

Turbo Spike is a custom chopper with a V-twin engine and extensive exhaust plumbing.

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Kaotic Customs has designed and built numerous choppers for a variety of clients. No two have been alike, but a theme of high-quality fit and finish applies to every model sold, including Turbo Spike.

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As one might guess, Turbo Spike is powered by a boosted engine; in this case, a 100-cubic-inch S&S V-twin with Garrett turbocharger and exhaust plumbing bent by Kaotic Customs. The RC Components frame has been altered for the desired stance, with an air-adjustable triangulated swingarm in back and 14-inch-over inverted forks in front. Arlen Ness wheels with matching brake discs complete the chassis package.

Topping it all off are bright red-and-yellow scorpion graphics on the sheetmetal, frame, and even the engine-a fitting paint scheme for a beautifully built chopper packing a turbocharged sting.

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