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Ford Trucks

Ford Motor Company started out with a bang in the early 1900s, but it had a hard time popularizing its first trucks. When the market finally caught up though, there was no stopping them. Read this richly-detailed history of one of the greatest auto ideas of all time.

1970-1979 Ford Trucks

The Courier and Louisville Line were Ford's new 1970-1979 trucks. The less strict government regulations helped the Ford trucks gain popularity during this decade. Learn more about Ford trucks in the 1970s and see truck photos.

1960-1969 Ford Trucks

The 1960s Ford trucks grew bigger and gained diesel engine options. Although it was a tumultuous time in our nation's history, Ford expanded their truck model offerings. Learn more about 1960-1969 Ford trucks and see truck photos.

1950-1959 Ford Trucks

The 1950-1959 Ford Trucks’ designs went from simple to stylish. Ford also added car-truck hybrids to its line in the 1950s. Learn more about the early years of Ford trucks and see truck photos.

1930-1939 Ford Trucks

Ford's depression battle plan was simple: Build better cars and trucks. The Ford trucks of 1930 featured revised styling and sleek looks. Explore 1930s Ford trucks in this article.

1920-1929 Ford Trucks

The early Twenties were a time of expansion and innovation for Ford. As the Ford Company grew in the 1920s, so did the demand for Ford trucks. Explore 1920s Ford trucks in this article.

2000-2007 Ford Trucks

Improved offerings and added options are Ford's focus this century. The Excursion, Super Duty truck, and F-250 were some of the new additions. Learn more about 2000-2007 Ford trucks and see truck photos at HowStuffWorks.

1990-1999 Ford Trucks

Ford Explorer arrived as other models left and several 1990-1999 Ford trucks were redesigned. This was also the last year for Ford's faithful C-Series trucks. Get more info and see truck photos at HowStuffWorks.

1980-1989 Ford Trucks

The 1980-1989 Ford Trucks were more focused on fuel efficiency. Ford changed the truck style and engines in the 1980s. The Ford F-Series pickup was also restyled for the new decade. See photos and learn more about 1980-1989 Ford trucks.

1903-1919 Ford Trucks

Ford trucks grew from a humble start in 1903 to the creation of an empire with the 1909 Ford Model T. Learn how Ford paved the road for more than 100 years of truck.

How does a jet truck work?

Shockwave, a triple jet-engine truck, holds the Guinness record for jet-truck speed at 376 miles per hour. Find out how it works.