Tramp: A Chopper Profile

The Tramp, built by David Buerer, is a chopper with an edge.

David Buerer has never been accused of being timid, so when he set out to build his own radical Old School chopper, Tramp, nothing was considered out of bounds.

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A Daytec hardtail frame holds lengthy 32-inch-over telescopic forks at a radical 54-degree rake; you don't need to look at the photos to tell that results in a pretty wild profile. Sixty-spoke wheels were used on both axles, as were disc brakes by Performance Machine.

Powering the Tramp is a V-twin made from aftermarket parts but built to resemble a classic Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine. It displaces a healthy 93 cubic inches and wears a pair of exhaust pipes bent by Dave himself.

A fuel tank from Mid-USA was stretched to fit the frame's unusual dimensions, and painted matte black to fit David's unusual vision. And the way Tramp turned out, nobody can say that vision was too timid.

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