Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster

Owning a Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster

The Timmis-Ford V-8 can easily be mistaken for a restored example of the 1934 Ford V-8 DeLuxe Roadster.
The Timmis-Ford V-8 can easily be mistaken for a restored example of the 1934 Ford V-8 DeLuxe Roadster.

Sadly, it won’t be long before you can’t get a new Timmis-Ford V8. The current minimum price is 20 times what Andrew Timmis charged back in 1970, the result of inflation over the intervening years, plus other cost pressures and declines in the supply of some parts that make continued production increasingly difficult.

As the brochure pointedly states: “Due to the methods used in building them, the production of these automobiles is to be extremely limited and its continuity uncertain . . . Fifty serial number plates have been stamped and printed for this model. It will be interesting to see exactly how many of them are eventually used.”

The answer, apparently, is about half. Timmis took some time off after completing the initial batch of 10, then began planning for another 10 in 1977, rounding up more original components, discarding those that weren’t absolutely perfect, ordering only the best grade of necessary new materials, renewing orders with suppliers. This “second series” got underway in 1978, with finished cars leaving the small shop -- at the rate of about one per year, remember -- in 1980.

So what are your chances of owning one? Well, the market is limited, to be sure, by that high price -- more than what you’d pay for a pristine restored original.

But this low-profile operation was given some high visibility about with the aforementioned V-8 Times article and with a piece by Thorn Bryant for Road & Track, so the car isn’t exactly a secret. We wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew Timmis still has more orders than he’s able -- or willing -- to fill.

That’s the trouble with a labor of love, you know. It tends to absorb you

totally -- body, mind, and soul. Eventually, it takes a lot out of you. That seems to be what’s happened to Andrew Timmis after his seemingly life-long pursuit of exacting excellence. But he’s still a young man, and we’ve not heard the last of him.

In the meantime, all of us should applaud a job supremely well done, especially those few fortunate enough to be Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster owners. For if excellence is its own reward, then Andrew Timmis has left us all a lot richer.

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