Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster

Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster Interior and Extras

The Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster includes most of the 1934 accessories.
The Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster includes most of the 1934 accessories.

Timmis’s twin passions -- authenticity and uncompromising quality -- extend to the Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster interior, which is virtually indistinguishable from stock apart from a dash that’s finished in body color instead of woodgrain.

Keen-eyed occupants may note the non-opening (that is, dummy) ashtray and cowl vent, the dash-mounted throttle lever that’s actually a headlight switch, and a high-beam indicator lamp (something the original car never had) incorporated into the glass bulb on the knob of the now nonfunctional cigarette lighter. Apart from that, all is as it would be in a meticulously restored 1934.

There’s no radio or heater available, but you do get the glass wind wings listed as a 1934 accessory, along with the twin chrome horns -- complete with new Spartan motors -- that were factory-fitted to all DeLuxe models that year.

The top and side curtains are made of all-new, premium-grade canvas in the Timmis shop, and their fasteners are -- what else? -- new old stock. Available top/curtain colors are tan (really off-white), black, and olive drab. Body hues number 10, but you could probably get most any color -- as long as Andrew Timmis agrees.

Those who have driven the Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster -- a rare privilege as you might imagine -- say it performs better than even the best restored 1934. There’s also the pleasure of savoring the newness of a genuine vintage machine.

The Timmis actually weighs some 75 pounds less than the original roadster, a benefit of the lighter fiberglass body, yet it packs some 50 percent more horsepower.

For the record, Timmis estimates top speed at an even 100 miles an hour but recommends 50-55 mph for sustained cruising, which we think is entirely reasonable. And really, who’d want to go faster in a costly, hand-built car that’s made to order for nostalgic, top-down touring on sunny days? Besides, keeping to a moderate pace will enable you to take in all the admiring glances this car inevitably draws.

Could the Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster soon be history? Possibly. Dwindling parts and continued production cost escalation are the reasons. Fuel economy might seem a secondary consideration in this context, but you should know that Timmis claims 20 miles for every gallon. And that’s leaded regular.

Emission controls? They were decades away when Ford built its own 1934s, and you won’t find them on the Timmis either. Because of its period chassis, it can be registered as a 1934 model. You see? It really is a new old car. Add in an engine warranty honored at most Ford dealers, and you can’t buy a more practical classic new or old.

In the next and final section of this article, find out what it's like to actually own a Timmis-Ford V8 Roadster.

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