5 Futuristic Auto Repair Technologies

Cheap DIY Computers
Raspberry Pi is a good example of an inexpensive, tiny, custom computer that the DIY crowd could use to track data or record performance statistics. The possibilities are infinite. (Creative Commons/Flickr/Mark Ramsay)

The Raspberry Pi has become a favorite new toy of the do-it-yourself crowd. It's a small computer that costs about 35 bucks and was designed to teach kids how to program. The upsides are that it's cheap and versatile. The downside (for some, anyway) is that to do anything with a Raspberry Pi, it has to be programmed. Of course, those with intrepid or self-sufficient spirits can think of tons of ways to use a tiny, custom computer in a car, like tracking diagnostic data and performance statistics for more efficient DIY repairs and upgrades. Hooking up a computer to run a car's diagnostics isn't a new idea; back in the good ol' days, people did it with laptops. So, compared to some of the new technology that comes later in this list, DIY computing isn't exactly mind-blowing. But it does have its merits. It's the accessible price point and customizing power, wrapped up in a bite-size package, that give today's computers staying power for the long haul. Raspberry Pi, and other products similar to it, are like blank slates, so there are infinite possibilities to help the automotive community grow and evolve.