Supercharged: A Chopper Profile

Supercharged is a custom chopper with both a supercharger and nitrous oxide injection.

Once Custom Shop Cycles decided to build its first chopper, it went the route of full-blown crazy just to show the world what it could do. The company has since gone on to build many extreme machines, but Supercharged still sets the pace.

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Beginning with a Paramount Cycles hardtail frame, six inches were added to the backbone for a long, lean look. Pro-One forks hold a Weld wheel with HHI disc brake; in back, a matching rim is fitted with a GMA disc/pulley. A 280-mm tire puts power to the road.

And power this bike has-in spades. While a 113-cubic-inch engine is hardly extreme in today's chopper world, the addition of both a supercharger and nitrous oxide injection make a strong statement. So does the Hooker header when the ponies are cut loose.

Every inch of sheetmetal was formed by Custom Shop Cycles for this project, and over it, a multicolored paint scheme was applied. After all, if a bike is to serve as your mobile masthead, you wouldn't want it to be all "go" and no "show."

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