Suicide Jockey: A Chopper Profile

Like many Old School bikes, Suicide Jockey is a combination of old and new, though this configuration, built by Ideal Ride, incorporates some unusual pairings.

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Suicide Jockey chopper built by Ideal Ride.

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The original Harley-Davidson frame was replaced by a mildly stretched hardtail chassis from Paughco. Forks are largely the original Harley-Davidson components, but stretched eight inches and mounted at a more aggressive 40-degree rake. Eighty-spoke wheels used at both ends adhere to the traditional Old School formula, though disc brakes bring modern stopping power.

The 4-speed hand-shift transmission and some of the engine components are original from the 1955 Harley donor bike. But although the V-twin maintains its vintage Panhead look, modern high-performance components are fitted. The truncated exhaust pipes are the work of Ideal Ride.

A graceful, teardrop fuel tank sits behind "Z bar" handlebars mounted on chrome risers. The suspended solo saddle pivots at the front, acting on "mousetrap" springs at the rear. Basic black paint imparts a bad-boy demeanor to this striking mix of vintage and modern thought.

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