Stump Puller: A Chopper Profile

The Stump Puller's custom taillight.
The Stump Puller's custom taillight.

The Stump Puller is a custom motorcycle built by Ideal Ride. Below are more pictures and detail of the Harley-Davidson-based chopper.

The custom three-element taillight found on the Stump Puller is barely visible against the Fire Red rear fender -- until you hit the brakes.

The Stump Puller's 96-cubic-inch S&S engine.

The Stump Puller's S&S 96-cubic-inch engine is much stronger than a stock Harley V-twin, and with aftermarket air cleaner and exhaust pipes, is more striking as well.

The Stump Puller's sharp front end.

Beefy headlight and Harley FL-style forks found on the Stump Puller chopper lend a substantial look to the front end. So does the mirror-finished solid front wheel.

Stump Puller's stepped seats.

The Stump Puller's seat can comfortably hold two riders in comfort.

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