Stump Puller: A Chopper Profile

The Stump Puller chopper has an S&S V-twin engine and 5-speed transmission. See more motorcycle pictures.

The inspiration for the Stump Puller chopper came about due to the desire for something less radical than a full-blown bike. Mike Young found his way to Ideal Ride and designed a motorcycle that he could ride -- with a passenger -- on long trips with greater comfort than a traditional chopper could provide.

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To this end, a Racing Innovations swingarm frame was used for the Stump Puller, which mounted the forks at a conservative -- yet steeper than stock -- 38 degrees. RC Components 16-inch solid wheels polished to a mirror finish are used front and rear; each holds a disc brake with 4-piston calipers, also from RC Components.

Perhaps a bit less conservative on the Stump Puller is the power derived from the 96-cubic-inch S&S V-twin, which is far stronger than the stock engine, yet still smooth and reliable. It's backed up by a Rev Tech 5-speed transmission.

All painted surfaces found on the Stump Puller are coated in Fire Red, with the sheetmetal, including a custom fuel tank from Beta, highlighted with silver flames. Big Harley-Davidson FL-style forks and an oversized headlight add a massive look to the front end. It all adds up to a custom bike that doesn't discourage an all-day ride.

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