Street Hustler: A Chopper Profile

The Street Hustler is a custom chopper with an unrivaled paint scheme. See more motorcycle pictures.

Building cookie-cutter, look-alike choppers is not what Kaotic Customs is all about, especially when came to the Street Hustler Chopper. Every one of the company's machines is different from the last, the only constant being the pursuit of quality.

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Street Hustler is built with hand-formed sheetmetal and custom-made handlebars carrying a sole instrument. The RC Components frame has a 38-degree rake in the neck, with another six degrees added by the triple trees for a total of 44 degrees. Adjustable air suspension acts on a triangulated swingarm at the rear to provide a comfortable ride. RC Components also sourced both the wheels and disc brakes. A 113-cubic-inch S&S engine exhales through Arlen Ness pipes.

It's difficult to categorize the paint scheme other than to say it defies convention. While the upper half of the bike seems cloaked in armor, the bottom half reflects a woodgrain theme. But it matches perfectly Kaotic Customs' creed that no two bikes look alike.

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