How the sQuba Works

Image Gallery: Concept Cars The amphibious Rinspeed sQuba takes the plunge, James Bond-style. See more pictures of concept cars.
Photo courtesy of Rinspeed

Aquatic cars aren't exactly cutting-edge. After all, in the 1960s, you could actually purchase an amphibious car -- the Quandt Amphicar. So the news that concept car designer Rinspeed would unveil a new aquatic car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008 didn't seem likely to make a huge splash.

But the sQuba does something a little unusual for a car, even an aquatic car -- it dives underwater and moves around freely like a small submarine. If the thought of cruising around below the waves exploring lake bottoms and visiting marine animals is appealing, imagine doing it in an open-top convertible. That's right, the sQuba's interior and occupants get soaking wet every time they take a submarine spin.

The whole idea seems a little strange, even illogical, until you ponder the logistics of submarine-automobile design. You probably haven't, but visionary car designer Frank M. Rinderknecht thought about it for 30 years, and his James Bond-inspired dream is now a reality. If you've always loved "The Spy Who Loved Me," you'll be pleased to know that the Rinspeed sQuba exists and can successfully navigate underwater environs in its own stately manner. You'd better bring goggles.