Slammer: A Chopper Profile

The Slammer is a Factor chopper by American IronHorse. See more motorcycle pictures.

As the name implies, the Slammer from American IronHorse shuns the tall, raked appearance of many choppers for a low, stretched look. It is one of many bikes offered by the Texas-based company.

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A rear swingarm smooths the bumps with help from an adjustable air-ride suspension, and a strutless rear fender results in a cleaner look. Up front, telescopic forks sit at a 42-degree rake (38-degree frame rake plus 4 degrees in the trees).

Details are similar to those of other American IronHorse rides. The drive pulley and brake rotors mimic the design of the wheels, which can be chosen from a host of different styles. The drivetrain consists of a 6-speed transmission and a 111-cubic-inch S&S engine exhaling through a 2-into-1 exhaust system. Turn signals and a digital speedometer (with bar-graph tachometer) conform to state registration requirements. And an extensive palette of paint colors and schemes ensure the long, low Slammer doesn't fade into the crowd.

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