Shady Lady: A Chopper Profile

Shady Lady by Wicked Women Choppers. See more motorcycle pictures.

Women tend to be smaller in stature than men, and those wanting to ride their own chopper often have trouble finding one that will fit their frames. Christine Vaughn was one of these women, and she decided to do something about it. Her company, Wicked Women Choppers, is devoted to building machines like the Shady Lady, which are designed for the female rider.

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The 2004 Shady Lady is built around a frame that keeps both the seat height and center of gravity closer to the ground. Chassis geometry is pure chopper, but not so extreme as to cause difficulties reaching the controls, which is also the intent of handlebars configured with a smaller rider in mind.

While built for a woman, the Shady Lady is strong enough for a man. The polished 96-cubic-inch S&S engine provides plenty of motivation, regardless of the rider's size.

Choppers are all about individuality and having a bike that's tailor-made for you -- no matter what size you wear. And like the clients they serve, Wicked Women Choppers proves once again that good things often come in smaller packages.

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