Scooter Shooterz: A Chopper Profile

The Scooters Shooterz is a custom chopper with an aggressive stance. See more motorcycle pictures.

Perhaps not as radical as some other Scooter Shooterz pieces, this bike is still a great example of what chopper building should be. A joint effort between the shop and the owner, it's a well-designed and well-executed machine.

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The Diamond frame is stretched six inches up and five inches out for an aggressive stance, aided by Mean Street 12-inch-over forks set at a 51-degree rake. One-hundred-spoke wheels from Hallcraft are coupled with brake rotors from RC Components and calipers from Performance Machine. A 124-cubic-inch S&S engine sports heads ported by Kendall Johnson for improved breathing and performance, sending its power through a Baker 5-speed transmission with right-side drive. The 240-series rear tire is conservative in this day of 300-mm skins, but allows for better handling.

A subtle combination of Galaxy Gray and silver metalflake paint blends nicely with chrome accents. Together, they provide a clean, almost stately look that makes this joint effort a joy to behold.

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