Sabre Tooth: A Chopper Profile

Sabre Tooth is a unique, high-end custom chopper with a 114-cubic-inch engine. See more motorcycle pictures.

Fearless Choppers has but one goal: to build high-end machines with no equal. Regardless of the approach chosen, the end product will be as individual as the buyer.

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Sabre Tooth rides a Precious Metal Customs chassis with 6-inch rise, 5-inch stretch, 52-degree rake on the forks, and a 300-mm rear tire. Motive force comes courtesy of a 114-cubic-inch V-twin from Powerhouse coupled to a Baker 6-speed transmission with right-side drive. Large-diameter tubing was bent by Creative Cycles to create a two-into-one exhaust system. Hawg Halter disc brakes slow both Xtreme Machine wheels.

Every inch of sheetmetal was hand-formed by Fearless Choppers and Precious Metal Customs to create a truly individual machine. Adding to its unique character are a flush-mounted fuel cap and machined metal handlebars, and it all goes together to make Sabre Tooth a fine example of the radical machines rolling out the doors of Fearless Choppers.

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