Rigidity: A Chopper Profile

The Rigidity has a powerful 96-cubic-inch S&S engine. See more motorcycle pictures.

The Rigidity, which has gained celebrity attention, is an eye-catching chopper designed by Dave Dupor of DD Customs. After seeing several of Dupor's earlier creations, a player from the NFL contacted Dave about building a bike for an upcoming charity ride.

From the Pro-One catalog came the Rigidity with a 6-up, 4-out hardtail frame, 12-inch-over telescopic forks, and front and rear disc brakes. Black anodized wheels add a subtle luster that complements the gloss black paint accented with silver metalflake flames outlined in red.

Both fenders, the fuel tank, and a frame-mounted chin spoiler forward of the engine are all hand-formed from sheet steel. The Rigidity's power comes from a 96-cubic-inch S&S engine that has been polished to a fine gleam and fitted with Paul Yaffe exhaust pipes. The end result is a sharp-looking machine that does both the rider and builder proud.

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