Revenge: A Chopper Profile

Revenge is a custom radical chopper with a 124-cubic-inch S&S engine. See more motorcycle pictures.

First shown at the Laughlin River Run in 2004, Revenge drew the attention of several major cycle publications. Midwest Choppers built the bike for Scott Rives, and both are pleased with the outcome.

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Ten-inch-over inverted forks set at a 46-degree rake combined with a stretched Midwest Choppers frame results in a posture that is anything but subtle. What is subtle, however, are the complex tribal graphics accenting Revenge's Candy Blue paintwork.

Somewhat unusual for a radical chopper is the Harley-Davidson Softail-style triangulated swingarm, which mimics the look of a hardtail frame while affording vastly greater comfort; it pivots at the top, extending a pair of shocks mounted beneath the engine. More common is the potent 124-cubic-inch S&S V-twin fitted with a Martin Bros. exhaust and Midwest Choppers' signature Maltese-cross air cleaner.

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